Monday, October 17, 2011

you are what you eat, so what am i?

well the day is almost done and since ill be waking up at 530 tomorrow i can say that my eating is done too.  so i really wanted to kind of share what i eat and what i would think of it if i ever graduated with a nutrition degree...i mean i learned something give me some credit.  so here's my meals:

eggs are my absolute favorite thing to eat for breakfast and i wish i had time to make them every morning.  so on the days that i get to sleep in i usually have a sunny-side-up egg and toast but today i felt like making scrambled which overall is probably my favorite way of doing it.  so for my scrambled eggs i'll either do 2 whole eggs or 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites.  i think having that yellow coloring makes them much more appetizing. as of late, my choice of bread is that of the gluten free kind.  i was on a kick for about 4 days where i wanted to try being gluten free...long story short, especially if you don't have to eat that way due to health complications, it's really hard to keep it going.  but i did however learn that i do enjoy me some rudi's whole grain gluten free bread.  this however is "udi's" gluten free...i couldn't find rudi's so this had to do...unfortunately less fiber in comparison but lower calorie.  i'd say fiber>calories when it's only 15 calories though.  anyways, and i was feeling optimistic so i decided to incorporate some tomato slices.  might as well get a veggie in when ya can!

so how nutritionally sound was this meal.  well for those with a smart phone/ipod touch if youre me, i have an app called "MyNetDiary".  i've tried a few different apps for keeping track of what i eat and this has been the best one thus far and i only have the basic (free) version too.

the first box shows the nutritional values for breakfast.  I would have to say that as yummy as it was, it was too low in calories and 0 fiber in a breakfast is a no-no!  Otherwise, it was a healthy breakfast--low in sugar and high in protein.  One of my favorite things about the app is that it gives you the ratio of your carbs, fats, and proteins.  For this meal mine was 36:29:35.  I would say there that my protein was good, almost high as far as ratios go, but my carbs should be higher and my fats should be a little lower.  I normally struggle on my protein though so this wasn't bad to me.

for lunch i had a bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup (yum!) and instead of having a sandwich, i knew i'd be having a burger for dinner, i just chose to take some roast beef, swiss cheese, spinach, and horseradish sauce and make little bread-less rolls.  This was a pretty sound meal with multiple vegetables and protein(s).  however, once again i am low in fiber which isn't good, especially two meals in a row.  if the noodles in the soup were made with whole grain i would have been better off.

so after lunch i was headed to physical therapy and work.  it's much better to eat every 3 - 5 hours to maintain your metabolism, so i took a dannon all natural yogurt and a banana.  i figured i didn't need a picture for this because it's boring and i'm pretty sure everyone knows what a yogurt and a banana look like.  i would say a+ for the calcium and the fruit (already at +4 fruit and veggies for the day!), but probably a little high on the calories for a snack.  given my meals were lower calorie it works out, but if you eat bigger meals you definitely want smaller snacks.

work over, dinner time!  dad grilled up some organic free range burgers (the best kind) with a piece of swiss on top.  threw on some ketchup and mustard (i was starving there was no need to be fancy, this is america after all) and put it on a sandwich round.  mom made some brown rice with sauteed vegetables (spinach, tomatoes, zucchini) for a side.  i would say a good meal, but not the best idea to have your biggest meal at the end of the day.  my body definitely need the calories though because my other meals were pretty low.  if you're eating less calories than your body naturally burns your metabolism is going to slow down because your body moves into starvation mode.  that's one thing i can't stress enough to people and i will argue to the death about.  starving yourself and working out all the time may produce physical results, but your body burns muscle before it burns fat. when i learned that anorexics have BMI's of up to 40 (their skinny little bodies are almost half fat!) i think i was shellshocked into never wanting to starve myself again.  i have been probably double the weight of an anorexic in my life but i've never had a BMI near that, so it definitely makes you think.  That's probably my fun fact for the day.

anyways, i must include my last picture.  these are basically staples to my diet.  i am obsessed with anything mint chocolate.  andes mints...well duh who doesn't love an andes mints.  my dad leaves me 2 a day and if not he leaves york peppermint patties...just as good!  its our little thing, cute right?  and the other skinny cow desserts!  i love the truffle bars especially--only 100 calories but definitely satisfying.  the caramel is really good too.  so i usually have the mints with my coffee in the morning and a skinny cow after lunch or dinner, i mean sometimes you just can't wait.

so all in all it was a good day.  a bigger breakfast would have been better and i definitely needed more fiber--25 g a day AT LEAST for women.  and with that i am cuddling up in my bed and going to sleep. goodnight!

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