Thursday, October 13, 2011

quick fix din-din

living with your parents has it's perks.  one of those being that i usually don't have to cook my own meals (i love cooking i'm just lazy and poor).  well tonight everyone has abandoned me and i'm left to fend for myself.  our kitchen is often lacking ingredients for making anything super creative so i've learned to throw things together to make healthy, satisfying meals.  and when i say satisfying i suppose i mean to the point where i only insist on one dessert instead of three. so here's tonights feature:

so this basic dish started with olive oil (my staple fat and source of omega's) and i sauteed a clove of garlic and red and white onions roughly chopped. threw some zucchini and crushed tomatoes in there and followed with some pre-cooked shrimp.  had a small serving of barilla plus noodles in the fridge that i combined it with and topped it off with some parmesan cheese.

if i had to guess, the year of my attempted nutrition degree would tell me it would be roughly 500 calories.  if i was good at portion control i would have saved some of the sauce/veggies/shrimp topping and saved myself 100 calories or so but since i'm not i justified eating it all because my noodle portion was so low. and i was hungry. so sue me!

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