Saturday, October 15, 2011

there's no sober in hockey or football

i know it's 7 am and I'm already talking about not being sober but i swear i'm not an alcoholic. alcohol equals calories after all c'mon.  anyways, who doesn't love a good drink after a stressful day?  and if you're me and don't have enough of a life to be stressed at the moment, who doesn't like to get loose, go out with their friends, maybe get it down on the dance floor.  i'm all over that scene when i can be.  but other than those "occasions" if you will, what better excuse to drink than sports? 

now i'm not one to sit around at home by myself with a six pack and a football game on, but when i'm with friends it always makes for a good time.  i happen to be leaving my cave and going to pittsburgh to see my best friend since middle school ERAH (we have caveman names don't judge) and it just happens to be a hockey night in pittsburgh, so we're obviously going to get all decked out and go to a bar to watch.  so how to keep the calories low with drinks.  well since i'm on blood thinners at the moment (yes i am a grandma and have already managed to have multiple blood clots) i get goofy after about 3 beers and since i'm obviously going to drink labatt blue light DUH i should be under 400 calories.  but most people my age and above don't have my problems so what to drink to keep it low cal?  this is not a blog for minors and prudes so please don't tell me to stay sober.  i never drink anymore and i want to have a good time mmk?! and someone needs to spike your drink.

anyways, some of my usual options--depending on occasion and amount of money i want to spend:

anything with diet - usually just keep it uncomplicated and do a rum and diet but sometimes i'll throw something yummy in there
vodka tonic with lime - boring and basic but tasty
wine - red is good for your heart! but i prefer whites of course--mmm reisling and pinot grigio
michelob ultra - my beer + food choice
skinnygirl cocktails! definitely a girly drink but yummy and low cal!  and apparently besides the margarita, they now have a sangria and a cosmo.  someone get me to the liquor store!

other than that i'm drawing a blank.  if anyone has any suggestions i'm definitely open to try new things!

happy saturday and go pens :)

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