Monday, July 15, 2013

straight forward--BE HAPPY

so i've really been working on being happy.  as much as i hate my job right now and can't do much about that, i am finally in a good place with my fitness, my eating, my love, and my life.  i wanted to post this "progress" picture from after my run today to basically say that regardless of if you are like me and continuing a life long process of beating my eating disorder into the ground or are new to fitness and want to lose weight or tone up, all you need is patience and a positive outlook.  losing weight isn't a five minute issue.  it is a life change if you want to keep it off.  it is about being consistent and allowing yourself to make mistakes.

case and point:  i have been moderating everything recently, but last night i had TWO homemade burgers and baked curly fries.  i have never eaten two burgers in my life haha and i remember thinking that on my second, but i was starving because i didn't get a chance to eat at work.  regardless i am not ashamed because i will never do that repeatedly.  that's a one time thing.  and maybe i'll pig out in like a month.  who cares.  that's life.  you cannot and will not succeed if you expect to be perfect for the rest of your life, every damn day.  if that's what you want to do, i'm not hating, go for it, but if you like beer and burgers and ice cream, let yourself slip up.  life is more fun that way.

that's all. happy summer