Monday, March 5, 2012

the 99 workout...aka the i'm crazy but i want a hot bod workout

well it's been like 14 years since my last post.  which is super unfortunate since i have been doing more different workouts in the last month than i have in like my whole life and i'm not sure why i decided to keep them all to myself.  i've also been cooking i apologize, to anyone who actually enjoyed my blog, for being so selfish.

anyways today i've decided to kill myself...not literally, no one call my mom please.  but as i've become obsessed with pinterest lately, who hasn't (and if you haven't you clearly live under a rock), i obviously check out the fitness stuff all the time which led me to find the 99 workout:

i've gone back to it over the past couple of days because it is so appealing to me for some strange reason, and i've decided to attempt it today.  my goal is to finish it today, but if something starts hurting (i've been having shoulder problems in addition to my bum knee) i want to try and do half today and half tomorrow.

this is basically a test workout for me, to see where i have gotten to with my fitness.  endurance is key, and i'm not sure how much of that i have, but i'm hoping my will power will overcome what i lack as far as that goes. so here's to surviving...or not!

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