Sunday, March 11, 2012

sorry for body rocking...

so i've been doing a lot of different stuff when i'm working out these days. is a website i've been using for some of my interval workouts.  they have a lot of quick intense workouts and some longer ones too.  plus the one girl is ripped and is completely motivating.  so today is the last day my boyfriend is home for a couple months.  he goes back to school in virginia (thank god he is almost done) and i am stuck here in dreary pa...although i have to say it is rather nice today.  anyways ive decided to really clean my act up.  when he's around i tend to really get off track when it comes to my eating/eating habits.  he can eat whatever he wants and i of course cannot, but i do anyway.  so although my working out is fabulous, my eating is not and therefore i have put on a little weight.  i really want to focus on my eating while he's gone since i will be extremely bored anyway and i'll have a lot of time to focus on it.  i'm hoping that i can really get into good habits so that when he comes home again they'll transition and i wont turn into a complete slob.  afterall summer is coming and so is our trip to cancun and i want to look and feel my BEST...which is hard for majority of girls to do in a i right or am i right!

so basically, i will be blogging more (yay) and i am going to try and blog my work outs/what i eat/why i eat it to help keep myself on track.  i probably wont have time to do it everyday but i also plan on keeping some sort of journal.  but mainly i'll try and get my work outs out there...maybe some before and after pictures?  ya know if i feel worthy of those. we'll see, but it all goes down tomorrow! and hopefully i can realllllllly really legitimately start doing things the way i ideally want to do them for the rest of my life. amen.

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