Sunday, March 25, 2012

1st baby goal...check!

ahhhh my first goal complete.  it's a good feeling.  i haven't really been setting goals for myself over the least not realistic baby step goals.  goals more like i'm losing 30 pounds by tomorrow!! not really...i'm not that stupid but you get my point.  so my first goal..which i actually set 2 weeks ago but never really got a good chance to start...was to run 8mi in a week.  i finished that off today and actually ended up running about 8.5 total.  most of my runs were outside because it was SO nice out, but 2 of them i had to get done on the treadmill at work.  today it's back to being gloomy and rainy so i had to do the treadmill.  todays mindset of running on the treadmill was: this is going to go awful (the usual), said i'd get at least 1 mile done without stopping, and finish up my last half to get the 8 mi in.  well today was the first day that i could run, told myself eh i'll wait about 3 songs and then look, and i ended up being about .16 over when i said i'd stop.  well that was a good feeling, so i said i'll get the last oh .34 over with so i can be done.  went a couple of songs and i was over again! i basically ended up going about 2 mi without stopping and walked about .60.  i was super pumped because usually i'll start'll feel like ive been going for at least a mile and i'll only be at like .46 which is where i start getting frustrated.  so i think that today was a sign i'm finally getting into shape again.  although my knee wasn't super happy with me nothing is new there and nothing a little ice wont cure.

so despite my groggy drag myself out of bed mood i was in, i am now feeling good.  prob wont push myself into doing anything else, but hope that i can at least keep my eating on track today.

so as i stated above, counting the songs i think helped me push through today.  some of my favorite songs to run to are:

Chris Brown - Yeah 3x
LMFAO - Sexy and I know it
LMFAO - I Work Out (for obvious reasons)
Lady Gaga - Born this Way
Katy Perry - Fireworks
Chris Brown - Forever
Pitbull ft. NeYo - Give Me Everything
Lil Wayne - Knockout ft. Nicki Minaj

I think they have a good rhythm that keeps you going and they're also upbeat songs, which I find seems to also help keep me going because I can think positively about what I'm doing.

so here's to sunday funday and a new goal next week - i'm thinking i'll weigh myself at the end of the week and I'm going to go for 9-10 mi.

"just keep swimming"

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