Monday, March 12, 2012

not a great start

well day one hasnt been the best because i've been working since 7am.  i'm pooped, my knees hurt all day, my boyfriend went back to virginia, and i just want to shower and go to bed. anyways, i havent had a lot of time to eat today so my diet isn't off to a great start.  some uninformed "dietters" may think it has been awesome but from a nutritionists point of view it'd be inadequate.  i had a slim fast for breakfast, a sugar free caramel latte and a clif kids bar for a snack, another slim fast for lunch, and i just had a healthy choice microwave meal.  talk about processed.  so i've only had about 1000 calories, under if we're being precise and you're not supposed to eat under 1200 a day.  with that said i did the recumbant bike for 20 minutes, walked on the treadmill for 10, and did the stepper for 20 minutes--it was pretty moderate effort so i only burned about 250-300 calories.  i was set on doing nothing to be honest but i figured i had to do something so it counts.

so no fancy workout or any awesome recipes for me today.  i'll prob go home and try and have something a little more nutritional to get myself up to like 1300 calories, but i don't want to eat all my calories at night so that's why i'm staying low.  i only work half the day tomorrow so hopefully i have something more exciting to say.  but at least i'm honest!

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  1. Just a little tip consuming under 1000 kcalories per day has the opposite effect that one would think! It actually lowers your metabolism and your bodies ability to function properly therefor making you GAIN weight/body to switch into "starvation" mode! It also isn't good for anyone (unless instructed by a physician) to be on any sort of diet that requires you to eat anything under 1200 Kcal per day(especially when doing intense exercise)!
    A great tool to help with building a healthy diet is check it out you maybe surprised about what your eating or lack there of! Happy Chomping!!

    Having a workout buddy is a great way to succeed in reaching your goals! So don't worry Lady we will kick it in our sweat sessions at the gym tomorrow and reward ourselves with a sushi dinner date!!