Thursday, May 3, 2012


i freaking love smoothies. i seem to get on this annual kick where im like obsessed with buying fresh fruit and yogurt and coming up with delicioso meal replacement drinks.  i blame the weather...since it's FINALLY starting to be a little consistent with the sun and the temperature.  i've always been more into eating fruits and veggies and i get bored of eggs with peppers or just an apple by itself so why not make a fabulous concoction ehhh.  so not that i've come up with anything crazy, i figured i'd share my smoothie recipes on the days that i make them.  this mornings breakfast is a mango strawberry peach smoothie. yummo.  i prefer to use fresh fruits, but for consistency i usually try and use at least one frozen because it makes it a little thicker and my blender also sucks and doesnt blend ice well. i always end up with chunks because im not patient and it's annoying.

3/4 cup frozen peaches ~50 calories
1/3 cup strawberry halves ~15 calories
1/2 cup mango ~54 calories
1 container chobani strawberry greek yogurt ~140 calories
1/4 cup simply orange juice ~28 calories
3 ice cubes

throw it all in a blender, and voila you have creamy healthy breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  add some coconut rum and you have a nice by the pool cocktail haha. i don't ban drinking remember. thats just boring.

nutritional facts:
calories: 286
fat: 0g
carbs: 57g
protein: 16g
sodium: 67g
fiber: 5g
sugars: 48g