Monday, February 18, 2013


oh hey blog, where have you been all my life? (you have to sing that like rihanna).  so clearly, i haven't blogged since, ohhh, 'nam.  it has been brought to my attention (cough cough ally--shoutout, i miss you!) and i suppose a lot has changed so i should probably get back to it.

so i don't live in PA anymore, yay!  check that wish off the list.  steve and i moved down here, arlington, va, end of november.  he got his first PT job in college park, MD and they gave him a potential start date of nov 19th-ish, so i freaked out and looked into transferring to a UA down here.  well that happened, i am still an associate manager and i am working at the potomac mills mall in woodbridge, va.  i pretty much started working, scratch that, I DID start working the morning after we got here.  we didn't even get to move into our apartment that night because we hit traffic and missed the realtor's hours.  so that was annoying.  steve actually didn't start working until we had lived here for about a month because it was a pain in the ass to get his PA license transferred to MD.  so we were legitimately living off of my income, which let me just tell you what i make in a month is what our rent costs--not including electric, for the first month.  that and our credit cards, so it wasn't the easiest start.

needless to say it is what it is and here we are.  we live off of columbia pike, about two miles from arlington and honestly it's great.  we can walk to pretty much anything we need--gym, groceries, bars, etc., so that's awesome.  our apartment is small but perfect really.  just a one bedroom, which due to the lack of couch that we own, is really a studio with a huge empty closet/laundry room without the washer/dryer part.  so our bed has been in the living room since we got here or else we'd be doing it hippy style and watching tv from the floor on the beautiful rug i thankfully splurged on.

this is a picture of the outside when we moved here in the fall.  pretty classy joint eh?

anyways, steve finally started working and making money.  he got a nice little sign on bonus so we have lived somewhat comfortably, but with the bills and trying to get out of credit card debt we've got a ways to go there.

as far as my fitness and eating goes, i've been okay, but the stress has been eating me alive and i've actually gained like 7 lbs since i moved.  i cannot express to you how bitter i am about that either.  WE WALK EVERYWHERE WTF IS GOING ON.  sorry rage black out.  no but really the store i transferred to has been like hanging by a thread since i got there.  i came in and basically all of the previous management staff had left, so there was the assistant manager who had only been there a week or two when i got there and another associate manager who had been there for going on 5 or 6 months. so staff wise we were okay, but the ASM had already worked her ass of to get the store in some kind of  shape and she did a great job but she was basically doing it all by herself.  i like to think i helped when i got there, giving that i have a pretty smart head on my shoulders and know how things go since i've been with the company for almost 2 years.  so things were okay, frustrating, but okay.  then the other associate manager ended up being let go so there was only two of us.  that's somewhat where the stress started for me.  knowing there were only 2 of us meant working more hours and taking on more responsibility. it was just us 2 running the store for about two weeks.  we had a store manager that we were just eagerly waiting to start, but even then, the first week he was there was just going to be training so it'd basically be another week of really just us two working.

don't get me wrong, i love UA and the products, but i do not love working in retail.  it pays well and is somewhat easy to move up into, but honestly if i were to get promoted i'm not sure i would take it.  especially moving to a store down here since corporate is right around the corner.  there are a lot more random visits and visits in general and i don't care enough to have the pressure on my shoulders all the time.  i can definitely see myself working in corporate, i just hope i can wait it out for as long as that may take.

anyways, so work has been stressful and meanwhile all this is happening, obviously i'm in school, and classes started up again, which is just one more thing i have to worry about, and then there's the cleaning and the cooking.  it has definitely been a lot to jump into and i'm not settled in enough that i've been able to get my head straight on my weight and food.

i have had a couple episodes of binging, which has led me to really want to diet, and i do want to diet, but i don't think that i'm far along enough in my journey to recovery to be able to restrict my eating.  i really need to just get into a routine and not stress so much.  i'm hoping i'll finally be able to take some PTO soon; i legitimately haven't had more than one full weekend off since i moved, and that's been rough especially since steve has weekends off.

on a positive note, i've been quite the little chef lately!  i've been on a big protein smoothie kick for post workouts and making protein pancakes/muffins for sweets instead of constantly craving chocolate and indulging in those cravings.  i've also been a good housewife and made some yummy meals that have been healthy but boyfriend approved.

hopefully i'll be able to take some time out of my days to share some of my recipes with you--i'm definitely cooking more than i used to and i don't like to follow recipes, so i just wing it, and come up with some good stuff that i'd love to share :)  stay tuned!

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