Wednesday, April 25, 2012

my first break through..eek!

AHHH i'm so going to be one of those girls right now.  so after months of struggling and feeling HARRRIBLE as thom from queer eye would say about an awful decor (i don't watch tv anymore only queer eye) today was like the first day that i was excited about myself and the work i've been putting in.  so i really haven't been doing anything unusual...i actually ran outside today for the first time in like 2 weeks--got about 3 mi in couldn't run the whole thing as per usual but no big deal.  it's also my first workout since sunday which is a long time for me. but besides the point whenever i get home from a run i have this habit of looking at my stomach.  whenever i lost weight in the past i loved my stomach and after every run i would look at it to see if it was more defined than like 30 minutes before haha so i guess i just do it as a habit now.  but i was like stunned.  for the first time my stomach is actually starting to flatten again and my wittle abs are starting to show through...ive got some work to do for sure still but im happy for once at where im at. i took a picture of myself which i really feel gay about doing but i should be able to gloat about something that could be life changing right? like when am i actually excited about myself really and i can use this pic as my before pic (one that i feel i can put on the internet without wanting to die)...anyways i'm like freaking out and this could really be a turn for the better for me.  honestly i think the less pressure i put on myself and the less i stress myself out about my weight (i havent lost any weight mind you) the harder it is for me.  ive been keeping track of what i eat, trying to mix up my workouts but other wise not all...i mean it...i eat healthy on reg basis but ive literally had some sort of ice cream or dessert every day for the last 3 weeks. so i guess besides bragging and being excited for myself i wanted to put this out there more for the fact that it is possible to lose weight and feel better about yourself by making tiny steps and LIVING while doing so. you seriously just have to be patient...that's it.


  1. get it girlll!! looking sexy

    ya, i read your blog.. and i loved every second of it

    1. thats alotta seconds haha but thank yooou...miss you at its going downhill im prob leaving soon.