Wednesday, March 14, 2012

sorry for body rocking...continued

so we're on day 3 and i can't say i feel much of a difference yet but it's only day 3 so i should prob not put too much pressure on myself.  yesterday was a busy day...worked till 3, got a TRX workout in right after, then went home and got ready to get some sushi and drinks with a friend.  my eating was okay--followed the slim fast for breakfast and lunch--the boss at UA got us pizza so i had a slice of that with my lunch but drinking my slim fast kept me to only having one piece and you're alotted ~200 calories with it.  it may have been over but one piece of pizza is a pretty good improvement for me.  so had some sushi which was delicious.  i can't say i looked up the calories, but i had a vegetarian roll and a fancier roll and a martini with.  then we stopped at smokey bones for some more drinks.  had 2 mixed drinks, one was a "skinny" version so it was under 200 calories, the other was prob pretty bad for me but oh well.  as i said i didn't really count my calories at that point but i'm pretty sure i stayed at my goal according to my "MyNetDiary" app. so i'm not too upset.

today will end up being a pretty good day.  i won't be too under with calories and i def won't be over.  i'm working my 2nd all day work day of the week and i'm glad it's the last one.  working for 8 hours and then going straight to work for another 5 does not really motivate me to work out.  especially since i'm on my feet for the first 8 and my legs/knee just ache and ache.  anyways, i'm here and i already got some workout in so go me.

today i did a running interval workout.  "treadmill pyramid intervals" which can be found at FitSugar

that was about a half hour workout--i have to say i wasn't able to do it exactly how it is.  gotta get my running shape back. but still burnt a good ~275 calories.  did some squats and hamstring curls to keep my somewhat therapy going.  i havent been very good about doing it lately. 

the gym is empty so i'm going to try and fit a bodyrock workout in.  you can find it here Booty Lover Workout

so after that i'm going home to a salmon burger on the grill YUM and then it's BEDTIME. i cannot wait seriously. ciao!

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