Sunday, January 8, 2012

gluten free, way to be...?

so there's a lot of hype on this gluten free diet thing.  obviously it's mainly out there for those suffering from celiac disease or for those who have some sort of sensitivity.  i decided to read a couple articles today on it, mainly bc i'm interested in gluten free products--currently my favorite bread to eat with my eggs in the morning is Rudi's gluten free whole grain bread.  it's simply delicious and with that as well as having people around me who have to eat gluten free, i am sort of on GF kick. 

so i've actually tried to be GF for a week once.  epic fail.  i may have mentioned it before i can't remember. basically, i did pretty well for a few days but i was at the point where i was working ohhh like 14 hour days and having to stop at sheetz or somewhere awful for a meal and it is extremely hard to find something filling that is gluten free and readily available in this area.  so that's basically the cause of my failure--also the fact that i was choosing to be GF by choice made it much harder to stick to it.

regardless if you're intolerant or tolerant of gluten, it's an extremely hard thing to do.  for smaller areas, there really are a minimal amount of choices and it is a bit more expensive.  but i've found that it's a bit easier (if you have the option) to eat partially gluten free.  i don't have a problem with the taste of GF products.  like i said i love the bread, and you can eat like most mexican things (corn tortillas, rice, etc) and i looove mexican food.  i've even baked with it, and the last thing i made, peanut butter blossom cookies for christmas, were actually super awesome!

so, advantages of GF diet are less bloating, possibly better digestion, and weight loss.  from what i read, a good amount of the population has some sort of sensitivity to gluten, so even trying out a couple things could actually have a lot of positive outcomes.

i made a gluten free (i think) pizza the other day...

the crust was a premade crust (Udi brand) and i just kind of used things i had in the house--tomato sauce with some spices, spinach, green pepper, roasted red pepper, chicken, and 2 kinds of cheese-brick and colby.  and it was actually super delicious. 

problem with GF is that it is harder to get your fiber, at least from the "bread" products you use.  i'm sure if you use like quinoa and items like that on a regular basis you'd be find, but the bread that i eat is pretty low which is another reason i've chosen to only be part GF.

i think the GF idea is a good one.  i think that it can promote better eating--you're staying away from a lot of crap to be honest--and maybe you'll find out that you had an intolerance along the way and stop it from causing any real serious damage.

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  1. From first hand experience, the peanut butter blossom cookies were amazing!