Friday, October 14, 2011

i cant associate with non breakfast eaters

gooooooood morning san francisco!  i clearly got to sleep in this morning, as i am not starting my post with six bajillion complaints.  okay so with morning comes breakfast. and thus introduces one of my biggest pet peeves about people: those who don't eat breakfast.  when people say that i just want to slap them and walk away. it is not only my favorite meal and personal preference that i must eat breakfast, it's just really stupid not to.  facts about breakfast eaters:

-starts up your metabolism and lessens hungry cravings throughout the day
-wakes your brain up and increases concentration as well as energy to perform
-overall weigh less throughout their lives than non breakfast eaters

this isn't saying go eat a bagel or donut though.  definitely incorporate some sort of protein so you don't just  explode your blood sugar and crash an hour later.  protein + fiber = healthy breakfast. so go eat your damn breakfast or you shall be shunned!

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