Thursday, October 13, 2011

sit and be fit--band workout

sit and be fit.  have you ever watched that show? it's a funny concept to those of us with two working legs, but now that im basically a peg legger for the time being, it's something i'm going to have to incorporate into my life if i want to work out.  today i'm going for an upper body band work out.  band work outs are good for anyone because they are easier on the joints.  they also give your muscles endurance as opposed to strength and even those whose goals are mainly to become stronger, it's a good way to mix up your workouts during the week.  it can also help with everyday pain in the shoulders or back as long as the movements are done right.  the way i plan on doing it, i will use short timed intervals to give it a cardiovascular feel.  this is good for those of us who can't walk/run/eliptical/bike.  so here she blows:

each exercise will be done for 4 minutes.  20 seconds on and 10 seconds off which comes out to 8 reps.  i've had beginner clients do 4 reps instead and work there way up as well as increasing the resistance level on the bands.  you'll know your own strength after doing a set or two.  form is more important than level of resistance, so keep it where you can perform properly through all the reps.

chest press
reverse fllys
shoulder press
lateral raises
lat pull
straight arm pull downs

enjoy your soreness :)

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