Thursday, August 29, 2013

ADVOCARE 24 DAY CHALLENGE--it's time to tighten the booty

HEY GUYS.  I'm still alive.  I feel like I say that way too much...aka I'm not writing enough!  That could be good and could be bad.  It's probably a little bit of both--I'm content and yet I'm busy!  I have had some comments on my weight loss, which I am quite surprised because it's only about 5 lbs on average and I'm barely down a size but I'll take 'em!  Remember that moderation thing...yeah, still slowly working!  I plan on being here for a good bit of time yet to continue to see results so I'm happy with my path.

So the food is good and the exercise is okay, but still trying to keep up.  I recently just got promoted to Assistant Manager at my Under Armour (woot woot) which has been much anticipated.  So I'll finally have a decent amount of dough flowing through my bank account.  It's a good feeling moving up with a company that you've put so much into and no offense to those, but it feels good passing people by who have been in one position for as long as I've been in two and now onto my third.  HARD WORK AND PATIENCE PAYS OFF GUYS.  I feel like people act like it's not cool to work hard and like take your job seriously; it actually really pisses me off because it's actually really lame to suck at your job and still expect to get paid for sucking when other people are doing the same job, not sucking, and getting paid the same.  Anyways, mini rant was obviously necessary, so that's going well and I started my second to last semester so I'm almost done with school.  I finally feel like I'm in a good place! YAY.

So, now that you're updated, whoever even reads this, I am trying to get people to do a 24 day challenge with me!  Steve and I have started an 8 week growth program (muscle growth that is, I shouldn't have to clarify should I?)  The program is one I attached on a previous blog post if you're interested.  Along with that, I'm going to do a 24 day challenge nutrition supplement weight loss/tighten up program through AdvoCare after we get back from wedding season/vacation.  I'm trying to recruit some people to do it with me to hold each other accountable!!  AdvoCare basically supplies nutritional products for anyone from meal replacement bars/shakes for weight loss, to energy supplements, vitamins, protein, etc.  It's all about becoming better and performing better and maintaining a healthy lifestyle!  The average weight loss for those who do the challenge is 12 pounds, 11 inches.  Which is awesome, and you still get to eat food, which is extremely necessary to my life.  That and shopping, but that's another blog in itself.

If you're interested, comment or find me socially and I'll fill you in!  Here's some links to check it out:

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Information/Meal Plans

If you want to check out some of the products:

Advocare Products and Info

I shall be back with updates and I will be posting day to day when I start the challenge.  I know you all can't wait.  My life is so exciting!

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