Wednesday, October 12, 2011

first post of my first blog YAY!

well here i am. learning to blog; who woulda thunk it.  i basically want to start out by introducing myself.  my name is jenna and i am 22 years old and not getting any younger.  i grew up being quite the athlete and then ruined my college career path by blowing out my knee(s) playing volleyball.  that was my junior year of high school...flash forward 6 years and i am up to a total of 4 knee surgeries.  that's right, i said it, FOUR.  intertwined with all of that, i have also dealt with an addiction to food.  now this may sound cliche but it is to be taken literally.  after my first knee surgery, at which time my first true love ripped my heart out and put it in a blender for a protein shake, i gained 30 pounds.  combine that with a broken heart as well as being a borderline anorexic pre-surgery, and i developed an ongoing eating disorder.  it went from anorexia, to multiple forms of bulemia, to just a plain old binge eater...aka my addiction to food.  i have struggled with that to this day and i'm sure i always will.  with that said, i'm slowly coming to a point where i'm overcoming my addiction and learning to love food but also loving the way food can make my body beautiful and strong in combination with fitness.  you cannot be fit without food.  you can be skinny, but you can't be fit.  my goal is to be skinny, fit, healthy, and happy.  and if there is anyone who can relate, i'm hoping the documentation of my ups and downs gives somebody else the push they need to get through the bad stuff.  there's gotta be good stuff.  i just know it.

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