Thursday, October 13, 2011

the skinny on coffee

so here i am. it's only 7 am and i've been at work since 6 am which means i have been up since 530 am. just typing these numbers kind of makes me throw up in my mouth a little. but nonetheless i am here and there's nothing i can do to get out of it.  i work in a fitness center (job A--of 2 jobs; my knee can only handle sitting in a desk at this point). so you'd think it'd be like an ideal job for me right? wrong. not at 6 am. and no i don't want any cheese with my whine. if i was allowed to work out, which i am when my knee lets me, it would be a different story.  getting paid to work out basically makes it okay to be awake this early, so most of the time i'm only complaining when the alarm goes off.

ANYWAY. so obviously i wouldn't be functioning this early without magical caffeine.  let's face it i wouldn't be functioning at 9 am without caffeine; it's basically a staple to my daily nutrition even though it doesn't supply me with a whole lot of nutrients. so i'm curious as to what other people are putting in their coffee. cream and sugar are the basic staples.  my average additions are one truvia sweetener and a tablespoon of powdered creamer...and okay when it's available which is usually always, at my house anyways, i put a lovely dollop of cool whip light on top.  i'm a sucker for sweets you'll learn.  here at work i have my powdered creamer and my sugar of choice is splenda.  i used to be a splenda junky...i try not to use it unless i have nothing else.  i like to stick to more natural things if i can.  so i basically carry truvia or sun crystals in my purse at all times...ya never know when you're gonna need sugar in something.

now back in the day of my "super fit" days (ahhh high school) i used a no calorie sweetener and kept it black.  i had a clear mentality about calories at this point.  then came starbucks.  i mean i had loved starbucks since like middle school, but when it became a more prevalent money sucker in my life i got used to the idea of a creamier sweeter drink.  drink of choice: grande java chip frappacino light. every time. i mean it's light!  but usually a splurge because the closest one to home is a good half an hour away.  probably a good thing.  but it doesn't hurt to treat yourself once and a while.  and why not make it something that has such an impact on my day.

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