Monday, November 21, 2011

what would i be doing if i could work out right now...

im starting to have work out withdrawal. how tempted am i to throw on my running shoes and fashionable new under armour running outfit and hit the road. SO TEMPTED. rawr. i dont even care that it's cold as much as i loathe winter; i'd be running all over that shit. for whatever reason whenever i am injured and i go a while not being able to really do any cardio (of choice) i always go through like running withdrawal.  i'm not even really supposed to be running and i wasn't running hard core before i had this surgery but i still feel like i need a fix.  it's actually really annoying especially since i'm not supposed to run after this's not recommended anyway. i don't think i'll be able to just give it up completely ever. i don't feel like anything, besides sports of course, has ever made me feel so good. i hate the eliptical because i don't feel like it does anything, i'm adjusting to the bike but i prefer to do it on a real bike outside which i can't do yet, and i guesssss i'm gonna start trying to swim eventually but i am so not excited about putting a bathing suit on to work out.

so if i could work out i would head down to the college track.  i would probably do interval distance running.  whenever i was trying to get into shape in the summers and increase my endurance i would start with oh, say, after a warm up lap, 4 laps of running, 1 lap of walking, 3 laps of running, 1 lap of walking, 2 laps...and so on. and eventually i could get up to like 8 laps and all the way down.  i also liked to use the bleachers every other lap and sprint up them and i would also incorporate walking lunges, usually doing the straights of the track.

notice how everything involves my legs being able to function. i am clearly so over my upper body and lifting. not that i'll be able to stop that now because i have seen good results just in doing that, but it gets so boring.

so remember when you don't feel like working out that there are people out there who physically can't work out and would trade body parts with you anyday!

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