Sunday, November 27, 2011

dear america: skinny is the new obese

so i'm feeling badly about myself after a few days of completely gorging myself on food. thanksgiving is never all that bad...i clearly eat too much...but at least it's healthy choices for the most part.  then comes black friday and saturday weekend where we must have a smorgasbourd of food to keep us going the entire 24 hour shopping extravaganza.  this leads me to my point; why must everything revolve around food?  this is what i hate about america, and no i'm not blaming my eating disorder on it, but seriously.  i'm pretty sure i read some stat that was like we eat (guesstimating the number here) like 30% more than we used to in the 50's.  WHYYYEEEEE.  i don't completely agree with blaming fast food, mcdonalds has been out there for decades, it's always been available.  although i do hate hearing people talk about how much they love fast food and how they eat it like 5 times a week.  that actually makes me want to throw something at them. to me that's like saying "omg i love eating plastic covered in lard".  once again don't get me wrong, i am guilty of "indugling" due to circumstances usually revolving around working 12 hour days, or being drunk, but when i'm hungry i NEVER think, "gee, a double cheeseburger and fries sounds really good right now".  i don't understand how people think they're A. going to be satisfied, and B. going to feel good about themselves after eating that.

anyways, this isn't about fast food, it's the emphasis our country puts on eating huge proportions.  like why is that the cool thing to do?  if you can't eat a 5 pound fat-ass challenge sandwich and a 2 pound milkshake in 15 minutes YOU ARE A FAILURE.  THIS IS AMURICA.

i am bitching because when food is present, i feel like i can just graze all day.  and it takes like 3 days of that and prob at least like 2 actual non water weight pounds, to realize, wow wtf am i doing.  i feel awful.  it is not cool to eat like, and excuse my reference, not trying to be offensive, but a concentration camp victim who's been starving for months.  i mean seriously, that is how i look back on it.  i ate breakfast, i don't need to eat lunch and dinner like i haven't eaten in 2 days.

food is here to keep us alive.  and yes, at times, for celebrations and maybe just to make us feel better.  but my point is something's gotta happen to change the way food is portrayed in america.  i plan on figuring that out. and also to stop grazing like a hippopotamus. the end.

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